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How to stay in style for the rainy days

Anybody here got stuck in last week’s freak metro flood? It’s such a hassle, right? You’re outside, but you’re going nowhere. You want to ride a bus but they’re all full. Meanwhile, the flood is slowly rising around your feet, and you think your jelly flats simply won’t do. So what’s the solution to this? Get DPWH to fix the storm drains! Nah, that’s next to impossible. The easiest solution would be to get yourself a couple of pairs of rain boots. 

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Remember when the acronym trend in the internet started?  ASL? GTG, BRB. That’s so NSFW, ROFL. Now almost everything on the net has an acronym. In the fashion blogging world, we have the MLBB, HG, FOTD, NOTD, and of course, the OOTD. For those internet and fashion blogging newbies, (or if you’re just out of touch with the world for the past few years), we’re talking about OOTDs today, or the Outfit Of The Day. The OOTD is a must for every fashion blogger and fashionista to showcase their styling prowess. What’s Camille Co wearing today? Or who are the Enciso sisters wearing nowadays? Posting your #OOTDs help you bring out your inner supermodel. Don’t you just feel like your on top of the world when someone gives that OOTD a like?

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Winter is coming

Game of Thrones season 4 has resumed with episode 8 showing EVERYWHERE ELSE BUT IN ASIA. What’s the deal with that, HBO Asia? Why prolong our agony?

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